House Calls are available by appointment. 

These can be convenient for clients, but since they involve a great deal of preparation and the transport of a portable office, there is a price differential. 

House calls are 20.00 dollars per session more than an office visit. Sessions are booked by mutual agreement, in advance, after a face-to-face meeting at either of my office locations.

If I have not been to your location, I may require an initial deposit. Sessions are available within a 25-mile radius of either office.

Workplace massage

Rates: 80.00 dollars per hour or 1.33 dollars per minute. 

Having massage therapy in the workplace can have a profound effect on worker morale and productivity while helping manage repetitive stress.

I can provide safe and effective onsite chair massage for your workplace or event. Please contact me to schedule a consultation for ongoing or single session workplace massage therapy.