I have been a practicing Maine licensed massage therapist since November 2000. 

I trained at the Downeast School of Massage in midcoast Maine starting in 1998 while working full time for the Maine Department of Agriculture and the USDA. My now-grown sons were quite amused that their Dad had homework to do just like them.  I left government service upon completing the training program and have been working as a therapist ever since. My training then and my practice focus since have been built around trying to understand and process our bodies' physical responses to stress, including day-to-day and that which is associated with grief, illness or the anxiety that comes with making new decisions about how we live. 

Empathy, kindness and a strong body of knowledge coupled with 18 years of experience keep me grounded in my practice. 

Massage is a collaborative modality of care. My clients are the experts concerning themselves and their body, while I have some certain expertise concerning the function and care of muscles tendons and other soft tissue in the human body. The session model is therefore a collaboration of two experts, the person on the table and myself. 

I live and work in the midcoast town of Belfast and I maintain an office in the market town of Waterville. Both locations are special to me as well as the state of Maine, in which I have lived my entire life. Born in Oxford count, growing up and starting a family in Kennebec county, and now raising our 9 year old daughter in Waldo county while working in a field I love is a wonderful existence. 

Day to day





Two of my favorite things, good coffee and walking with  my family. My then-infant daughter is the bundle in front and Chases' Daily coffee is helping keep the cold at bay.